The Mystic Masters Ashram (.’.M.M.A)-  is a metaphysical institution that was established on Resonant Moon Day 3- Year of the Blue Resonant Storm (Jan 12-2013)  by the direct active will of the Supreme Being -Master Fard Muhammad to disseminate the ancient sacred knowledge, theurgic sciences & wisdom  of the cosmos, the earth and its original inhabitants. Portions of this knowledge and wisdom has and is currently being bestowed upon the deputized founders, Afiya & Gary Mahatmas Muhammad, by Master Fard Muhammad, Master Elijah Muhammad and the Cosmic Hierarchy as a means to offer an untainted rendition of the Ancient Wisdom, the theurgic sciences  and an elevated training course for the aspirants and seekers among the people in the western hemisphere. The Cubix Social Ecclesia is an introductory social training venue that allows the new aspirants and current seekers to study in a sterile environment an exoteric portion of what has been gifted to us through his servants the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and parcels of that sacred and once forbidden knowledge and wisdom of God that has come through his additional Messengers, prophets, Sages and Oracles along with enjoying the fellowship of other sincere seekers & students of the Path !

We can further be reached via email at (mysticmasters7raylightworkers@gmail.com) for further inquiry for this forum or you can petition for entry by clicking the word register below in the purple sectional .



A Social Ecclesia for the Seekers of the highest truth !

The Cubix social Ecclesian was established out of a painful yearning within the Mystic Masters Ashram to see the greater audience of aspirants & seekers of truth reach their highest potential for this moment of time. Do to an ever increasing darkness amongst humanity, there was a dire lacking of suitable environments and teachers where such aspirants & seekers could be properly nourished and cultivated to see the fullness of God manifested within them as a result of becoming At-Oness with him ( The Source of Creation).

It was from this chaotic landscape that the idea for a true spiritual social ecclesia was born !